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Welcome to Moving Forward!

In late 2016 I wandered into Mr. Money Mustache's blog and started reading. He opened up an enticing, unconventional door. MMM retired at 30 and is happily raising a kid, feeling fulfilled with interesting hobbies, and appears to have a great life. Before I came across him I was on a standard path. Working five days a week, mindlessly saving 15-20% of my income, expecting to retire either when robots put me out of work or ~68, whichever came first. Within a few weeks I'd made some spreadsheets, did some calculations, and changed course. Now I'm planning on semi-retiring between 40 and 50. What will I do? Spend time with my future family, broaden my hobbies, and ideally work a handful of hours a week at a job as great as my current one.

This wiki is here to maximize happiness. Yours, mine, and that of everyone we know. It is intended to be a living document that evolves as we learn more about ourselves. I (guru) started this wiki to organize my thoughts.
Welcome aboard! If you have something to add or correct go ahead and do it. It's a wiki, and that's what they are for.

Money is freedom, not stuff. Properly applied, money is good at making more of itself. It's terrible at making you happy.
Avoiding advertising helps on so many levels. It makes you more fulfilled, richer, and gives you back your most precious commodity: time.
Pursuit of Happiness is central in the Declaration of Independence. It's time we returned it to its rightful status as an inalienable right.
Boredom, Creativity, and Play
Toss your TV, procure your Projector
Good sleep makes everything better.
Kindness and trust are the lubrication that every well-oiled society needs to run smoothly and without breakdown.
Requirements engineering is my approach to figuring out what I really want.
Hobbies keep me entertained when I'm not at work.
Personal Growth is the process that matures us from a selfish infant to a contributing adult.

Working on this wiki